Greymouth Tourist Activities


On Yer Bike is about 5 kilometres north of Greymouth. It is a tourist business which provides rides on quad bikes through some typical West Coast native forest. The business began in 1997 by Mike and Sue Roper. Prior to the business Mike Roper was a taxi driver around Greymouth. The adventure business is highly recommended by previous visitors as featured on tripadvisor.

The farm where the business is situated has been in the Roper family since 1917 when Micheal’s grandparents, Charles and Violet moved to the area. During the 1960s and 70s Micheal’s parents ran a chicken farm but this ended in 1978 when new regulations made the business non-viable. Cattle and sheep have always been part of the farm operations and still is, albeit a small part these days considering the success of the quad bike business.

During your adventure you will likely come across some of New Zealand’s native birds such as the Weka, Tui, Kereru (wood pigeon), Fantail, and Pukeko

Another sideline to On-Yer-Bike is the cafe where customers are able to drop in for a cuppa and just to add another string to her bow, Sue Roper does crochet and with her other commitments it all keeps her busy.

More than 100 years ago there was a school near the area. It was called “The Camp School,” the name of the district. No one knows how it got its name, but it is probably because the first sawmill on the West Coast was at Coal Creek and “The Cap” may have been referred to the men who were working at the saw mill.

Coal Creek is an area which is prone to flooding. The water sometimes comes over the road near On-Yer-Bike as the creek floods with the volume of water which comes down from the mountains.

Prior to the overhead bridge being built, traffic would have to cross the railway tracks and look each way for oncoming trains. As far as we know, there was a train/car accidents prior to the bridge being built. However, during the 1968 earthquake, a vehicle ran into the edge of the bridge as it moved up and down resulting in the death of the driver.

Coultard/Hall Memorial

Just prior to Runanga is the Coultard/Hall Memorial. This was the scene of the Runanga Payroll Robbery 9th November 2017. The pay car left Greymouth that morning with the wages and salaries of the miners which totalled almost 4k. Just as the car was about to turn the corner it ran into an obstruction in the middle of the road. The driver Coultard got out of the car in order to remove the obstruction and at that moment a masked man appeared from the bush shouting, “Hands-Up” before firing at Coultard. He died at the scene. The robber then ran to the car and asked for the cash but Hall, who was the mine’s clerk refused to obey and fired two shots from a revolver he carried. The robber shot Hall from close range-so close that Hall’s clothes were on fire when he was tended to after the robbery. James was fired upon by the robber and was hit in the thigh and behind. The robber secured the money before making his escape across the railway lines and out of sight.


The township of Runanga was formed in 1904 as a coal mining town. Prior to forming of Runanga the area was covered in native bush but the houses which were built to house the mine workers were built with the timber of the trees which were felled to make way for the township. The town prospered with the opening of several coal mines in the area. A railway line between Greymouth and Runanga was built to transport the coal out of the area. The train also operated passenger services. Runanga had its own train station as did Rerenui which was close to where one of the mines was operating.

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Top Things to Prepare for an Exciting Trek

So get ready, pack your bags, put on your shoes and get set for an adventure. Whenever you decide on a place for a trek confirm that the place is filled with plentiful of spots. Go for a place where there are plenty of captivating forests, gigantic mountains, mesmerizing waterfalls and picture perfect landscapes which can be explored.

Here are some tips which can be useful for you while going for a trek:-

Always practice before you trek

If you are planning for a trek after a month or even after six months, the first criteria to be kept in mind is that you have to necessarily keep on practicing. That means you have to increase your body strength and fitness slowly and steadily. You have to give your body time to adapt to the new demands that you are placing on it. Training, fitness and strength together will help you to enjoy the trek. Walking for an hour daily may also help you to increase your body strength and fitness.

Pack your bags systematically

The next important thing when you plan a trek is the essentials to be carried. Always remember that whenever you are on a trek carry all the things like medicines, food, water bottles, dry snacks, sun glasses, cap, extra pair of shoes and socks, sandals if required, two or three pairs of clothes (if the trek is for more than two days), towels, sleeping bag, walking stick, camera, binoculars, torch, plate, spoons, bowl, glass for dinner, breakfast or lunch and a rucksack to keep all the above things.

Shop for good quality footwear

It is very necessary that you shop for good footwear for your trek. When you select your shoes, walking practice is very essential with those shoes to avoid blisters during the trek. Select correct size of your shoes. Wrong size may land you in difficulty on the actual day of trek.

Along with shoes also go for right pair of socks. The right shoes with wrong socks will ruin your trek. So while trying on shoes, wear the same socks which you intend to use on the day of trek. Look for material which has sweat captivating properties. If you are going for a trek in monsoon then try for water proof socks which are generally very easily available in any sports outlet.

Always go for some gym work

Now along with walking, gym work can also help you to enhance your capacity to walk on treks. It would strengthen your body muscles and thus help you to enjoy inclinations on the trek without getting tired. If you are not a gym person then go for yoga and meditation. It would also help you to increase your body strength.

Practice on similar walking landscape

Walking is very essential for training. It is very important to mimic the situations that you are going to experience while on trek. So practice on similar walking trails. Try to experiment with a loaded rucksack with the same clothes and shoes which you are going to wear on the trek. It will make a great difference to your speed when you actually trek.

Practice using the rucksack

Every time you walk or practice you have to use the rucksack which you are to going to carry with you for the trek. So while selecting a rucksack from the store, check whether it is fit for you and whether you can carry it properly on your back. Also purchase a rucksack which has appropriate strips to hold it on your back and chest. A good rucksack with proper dimensions can help you to stand the load in it.

Use walking sticks for grip

It would be a good option to use walking sticks while trekking so that it does not affect your knees. Sometimes if you do not land properly or you fall mistakenly then the direct pressure of that fall may go on your knees. Therefore use of walking sticks would be very effective. Generally these sticks would be of a great help when you are descending down the mountains.

Keep hydrated while walking

The next suggestion would be to keep hydrated. You should always drink lots of water while trekking. Whether the climate is hot or cold your body will require water due to sweating and losses on the breath. Your heart would have to work harder as a result of which you will feel thirsty and exhausted. So try to drink small amount of water frequently throughout the day. Energy drink would also prove as a good option to keep you hydrated.

Fuel your energy requirements

Try to eat small but regular meals and snacks on the trek to maintain the energy levels. This would give you energy to complete the trek successfully. Eating of fruits is a good option as it will maintain your energy levels. It would be easy to carry and eat fruits on the move to the mountains and is excellent option to boost your energy. While you are practicing for the trek you can experiment with the food also. Never opt for oily and heavy food on the trek.

Keep fit and enjoy the trek

Last but not the least; the most important thing is to keep fit. Keep on practicing and enjoy the trek on the actual day of execution. Your trekking experience will be very exciting and interesting if you are fit. A trek can be easy for you only if you are fit. You will have to spend a lot of time, money and energy to get to your trekking location. It also requires efforts. So it makes sense to be in good shape and have suitable fitness.

By following the above guidelines not only will you be prepared positively for the trek but will also get lot to learn from the experience. I hope this article will boost you to go for your first ever trek with a positive attitude and excitement.

It’s Interesting to Take Protected Risks

Those who like to travel adventure is always a part of their nature. Traveling is the best way to deal with a lot of problems. For instance, it enables one to know how to interact with the people around you and how to tackle a difficult situation if it is hindering your way. Secondly, it is a solution to deal with daily stresses and worries because you avert your attention for a specific period of time. Along with all that your own interest is the most important reason you like and want to travel and explore the world.
Adventure traveling is the one risky type of traveling. Those who like to take risks are rather curious about what has always been a secret or something unknown to them. It is good to take such risks and overcome your fear. In doing so you need to prepare yourself and should get all your ducks in a row before getting into it. First of all, a great courage and unfailing determination are required which is to be with you all the way long. Moreover while traveling for the purpose of exploring or encountering different experiences you need to have all the required gear and a fair amount of food to keep you alive.
In case of any shortage in your packing, you need to have a knowledge and ability to manage with the small quantity that you are going to lose soon. Saving in such a situation and utilizing the naturally available resources is very important. Another thing that is worth knowing is that you need to have, even if not a lot but, at least a little knowledge of the area you are traveling in. In this way, your luggage will be contained some carefully chosen relevant items.
Some specific skills that you have to know are how to light the fire, how to swim, how to climb, how to make a temporary shelter, how to deal with minor injuries, how to grab or kill an animal and how to signal in case of danger. These are some ways that are needed to be considered. Risks are interesting but not easy to take so a full preparation is needed before they are chosen. A mental preparation is a first and foremost thing that is of great import. Take risks but do not forget to make them protected and secure first. Actualize your adventurous dreams but do not forget to brace yourself.